Mukilteo, WA

Washington State Ferries

Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal Project

The Mukilteo to Clinton ferry route, one of the state's busiest, connects Whidbey Island to the Seattle-Everett metropolitan area. Washington State Ferries recently completed the construction on the new Mukilteo Ferry Terminal. The new terminal improves transit connections and passenger safety while streamlining passenger loading and opening the Mukilteo waterfront up to residents.

The site was built to LEED Gold standards, designed in cooperation with local tribes to be light on the earth and green. The project provides enhanced stormwater quality treatment, including pervious pavement in the holding lanes that filters stormwater runoff through a multi-layer sand filter prior to discharging flow to Possession Sound.

The project has won numerous awards, including the Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS) International 2021 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award.

Mukilteo ferry terminal Mukilteo ferry terminal

What CM Design Group Did

CM Design Group was a subconsultant to KPFF on this project. CM Design Group was responsible for design and plan production of storm drainage and temporary erosion and sediment control (TESC) plans, and preparation of the hydraulic report and calculations. The project provides enhanced stormwater treatment for all site runoff and features a variety of stormwater treatment facilities including bioretention cells, biofiltration swales, pervious pavement, and modular wetlands. The multi-year project included three separate PS&E packages, including one for the directional boring installation of the storm mainline to avoid an excavation within an environmentally sensitive area.

Key Components

  • Pervious pavement in the holding lanes
  • Walled and sloped biofiltration facilities
  • Directional boring to avoid environmentally sensitive layer