Lynnwood, WA

City of Lynnwood

Alderwood Mall Parkway and 184th Street SW Pavement Preservation Project

CM Design Group prepared the PS&E documents for the City of Lynnwood as part of the city’s 2015-2016 Pavement Overlay Program. This project included an entire roadway rebuild of 184th St SW, 2" grind and overlay of 182nd St SW, and grind, pavement repair, and overlay of Alderwood Mall Parkway. All of these streets are major arterials adjacent to the Alderwood Mall.

Lynnwood pavement preservation Lynnwood pavement preservation

What CM Design Group Did

CM Design Group worked with the geotechnical engineer to develop a roadway section that could withstand the increase in traffic loading and included both fabric and fiber reinforcement. We prepared the paving, channelization, and traffic control plans, and evaluated haul route impacts. The project also included ADA curb ramp assessment, design, and MEF documentation. Traffic signals were upgraded to meet ADA compliance, as well.

Key Components

  • Federally funded
  • Major urban arterial
  • Fiber reinforcement and fabric to salvage existing subgrade and extend pavement life